My Thoughts On Raw Honey


Raw honey is a type of honey that is free of additives, preservatives and pesticides. It has been known culturally throughout history for its many therapeutic benefits. It's used in many places to treat burns and other injuries. Scientist Ray Peat recommends to eat it with your meals to increase thyroid function. Raw honey is better for you than sucrose for increasing your metabolism because it contains some nutrients like minerals. Raw honey contains no polyunsaturated fatty acids which is very good. Polyunsaturated fatty acids will slow down your metabolism. You don't want to just eat raw honey rather you want to eat honey with protein and fat in every meal. If you eat this way you will greatly increase your metabolism. This will lead you to better mood and energy. Raw honey is a lot better for you then conventional honey. Raw honey doesn't bloat my stomach like pasteurized honey does. I've heard of some people being allergic to raw honey and not being allergic to pasteurized honey. I can say in my own experience that I do a lot better with raw honey but everybody's different. If you have problems with raw honey. When I say problems I mean allergic reactions. I'd recommend that you slowly cook it in a pot and then eat it with some protein and fat. The reason why I recommend that you slowly cook it is because you cause a lot less damage to the nutrients of the honey by slowly cooking it. Pasteurization rapidly cooks the honey and this causes a lot more damage than if you slowly cook it. Raw honey isn't nearly as popular as I think it should be. If your looking for raw honey ontario has plenty of health food stores and local farmers that carry this wonderful food.



I think a lot of the reasons why raw honey isn't popular is because everyone is so terrified of sugar. People think that too much fructose leads to all the health problems were seeing in our culture. The truth is were not eating enough fructose and that's what leading our culture to all these health problems were currently seeing. We have people in the health industry that are saying that sugar causes Candida to overgrow and that leads to many health problems. The problem with this statement is that if we don't feed Candida sugar they actually go throughout the body looking for it and cause even more damage. People are afraid of sugar because their doctors says sugar causes diabetes. What people don't understand is that doctors don't understand physiology. If doctors understand that they would know that sugar actually regulates blood sugar. Our primary source of energy is sugar and we need the right ratios of sugar in our meals in order to function optimally. It's just insane the amount of fear people have of sugar and honey. Our bodies crave sugar because fructose regulates blood sugar. If the same thing with salt. Our bodies crave salt because salt regulate blood sugar. Our bodies are actually telling us what we need in order to function at our best. Why do we ignore our cravings? Our bodies are always talking to us. I find that sometimes my body is telling me that I should be eating more honey. Other times I find that I just need a fruit with a glass of milk and that's enough to satisfy me. I listen to my body and see what it needs from day to day. If you don't listen to your body then you'll never know what it needs in order to run at it's best. Honey is something that is produced naturally in nature because of this. I'm a lot more comfortable using honey in my meals to increase metabolism over sucrose. Sucrose also doesn't have any nutritional value. At least with raw honey you have some magnesium and potassium.


I read lots of things on raw honey and its benefits in terms of fighting off bacterial infections. I don't know how effective it is for parasitic infections or H pylori but I would assume it would be helpful by the virtue of sugar increasing metabolism. If you increase your metabolic rate then you will increase the strength of immune system. By having a stronger immune system you'll do a better job fighting off parasites and bacteria infections. When talking about bacteria infections I'm mostly talking about H. pylori. This is a bacteria infection which is a huge problem throughout the world.


There are probably many cultures who greatly value raw honey for its benefits. Very few people actually consume raw honey or even honey. Most people consume high fructose corn syrup and other garbage sugars because they're so commonly in our food supply. Were so afraid of honey and sucrose yet we barely eat any of it and people are still gaining weight and having more health problems. Fructose is a awesome regulator of blood sugar like I said before and we need to be consuming more of it. People that say fructose increase cholesterol fail to understand the role of cholesterol in the body. The medical community is most likely responsible for all this brainwashing when it comes to the fear for consuming fructose. Fructose is in fruits a lot people tend to forget this. Some people may rationalize to themselves and say that is not enough fructose to cause health problems but if you actually look at how much fructose is in fruit. It's quite a bit. How much honey is too much honey? It's really hard to say because all the studies that have been done on fructose have been very skewed. I think that were so deficient in proper sugars that we probably can't eat enough honey even if we tried. Of course you want to be eating the right micro nutrient ratios in your meals but generally speaking if you incorporate more raw honey into your diet it's not going to have a negative effect. if you want to buy raw honey ontario is your best source as they have the most farmers available that sell this food.


In conclusion, raw honey is definitely something you should include in your diet. Make sure to eat it with protein and fat in order to get its full benefits. If you are looking for raw honey ontario and many other Canadian provinces have local health food stores that carry this special honey. Ontario is a very big province so it will be easy for you to find a local health food store that carries good quality raw honey.